Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring Forward...

Well, it seems that today is being classed as the beginning of spring. Despite it being terribly cold and grey where I am, what better time could there be for new endeavours?

And by new endeavours I do not mean changing my contact lens direct debit. In fact, I really mean the start of a lovely shiny new blog. Seriously, check out how shiny and new it is, must be, hmm, ten minutes old?

But, what is a shiny new blog without a purpose, or at least an intention of what it will include. I mean you probably want to know what you can expect to be reading about if you persevere. Ok, I'll tell you... A bit of cooking, possibly some baking, a lot of cocktails, some crafty endeavours and pretty stuff for the house (mini flat). Sounds good, yeh?

I can tell you're already excited, me too. Here we go!

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